At nine o'clock I woke up and finished the story. The sky was gloomy and unmorninglike--my favorite kind of sky--and I looked at it through the downstairs windows while printing the story, which took ten minutes, because the computer has a virus. I put a paperclip around the stack of paper, turned it over and sandwiched it between the coffee table books in the living room so I would not be tempted to edit it. Then I went for a brisk walk outside while listening to Bonnie Raitt. Later, in the bath, I read an article about Lorrie Moore in which she joked that writers should ideally have month-long stretches when they can sit around in their bathrobes and write, which made me laugh until I realized that this is exactly what I have been doing. 


Anonymous said...

finally dude

cb said...

you make me laugh, black raven