i think this is turning into a food blog. oops.

Tonight there is a potluck for my writing class. I am going to make a round loaf of Irish bread and hope someone else picks up the slack when it comes to main courses. My cooking is improving this year, but I am still a little nervous about raw meat and fish, the way some people get skittish near big dogs. I like that flour has not ever been alive; also, there is no risk of salmonella. 

A few days ago Ali and I made these monster scones (!!):

In one week I go home for October break. I am pining big-time for dinners with Momma, long walks to Green Apple, visiting Nora at Iris and all-over fog. That's the trouble with San Francisco--it's difficult to live quite as happily anywhere else. (Though today Elana directed me to this illustrated Haruki Murakami story, which helped!)

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Nora said...

mmm ebisu with you so soon!!