While in class a few days ago, listening to a discussion about doppelgangers and Nabokovian double gangrels (oy), I tried to draw my professor--a difficult task, as I tend to draw both men and women exactly the same way, with round owly eyes and heart-shaped mouths. (The nose is always done as though in profile--a small, anatomically impossible L.) The result was pleasing because it did not come out quite so androgynous as usual, and also because it looks the way I always imagined an English professor would.* 

*But Nora says it just looks like my dad--so perhaps I have only moved from my original gender-neutral formula to a general male template. 



Why is it that baking always seems to cure a glum mood? Was feeling blue this afternoon due to a lot of built-up homework and a botched bike ride (ouch, ankle), and instead of tackling my reading for Deviant Subcultures, I made muffin squares*. There isn't a grocery store within walking distance, so I had to get creative--bought four raw eggs from the kitchen in the Retreat and gluten-free baking mix at House of Nutrition (which, it turns out, sells more than protein powder and homeopathic remedies with long, inscrutable names). We don't have vanilla at the house, so I subbed soy for regular milk, then added almonds and apricots and walnuts. The verdict? A little dry, as gluten-free things tend to be--but overall, satisfying.  

* The recipe was for muffins, but muffin tins are another thing we don't have, so I spread the mixture out thickly in a baking pan. Chomp.



One week into school and I've already sprained my ankle. Also got a bloody knee. Now I walk with a tiny limp and must put off bike riding--yow. More time to read Nabokov?