The walls are almost bare, some light fixtures don't work and my dresser has no knobs, so that each drawer can only be opened by scraping at its underside after pulling out the one beneath it--but it is lovely to be here, still. It's been one and a half years now since I have been in Vassar, and I appreciate it all more now, even the small things: the stream that runs by the path to the senior housing, the roundabout near Raymond avenue whose island has yellow flowers and a tall clock, my tiny rectangular mailbox. Each day is filled with so many different components and I like this, how busy it is. Yesterday it was only at four in the afternoon, when I sat down to eat a large sandwich at Babycakes, that I realized I hadn't stopped moving all day. This morning I tried to get into the Nabokov class (fail) and bought a bike (success!). It is blue and was ninety-nine dollars from Target. I never had a bike as a kid, so Evan had to teach me how to ride it. The thing is you can't stop--it is all about forward momentum, and hesitance usually results in a fall. I can only hop on, push down hard on one pedal and go!

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