At 2:30 I left to go to the library. The walk was about 30 blocks and I enjoyed it because I was talking on the phone to a friend. I wanted to read Villette or Shirley but the only Bronte they had was Jane Eyre, so I borrowed Northanger Abbey instead, which may or may not turn out to be a good substitution. After the library I had a food craving I could not pinpoint. Bought candy, but that wasn't right. In the candy store I asked to sample the red bean ice cream, thinking this might do it--nope, but closer. I thought of moon cakes, which we used to make in elementary school, and that sounded good, but not substantial enough, and that was when I realized: sesame balls! 

I had not had one in years and suddenly there was nothing else I wanted more. Most of the dim sum restaurants on Clement street were closing and their offerings were picked over--banana cake, almond cookies--but in a bakery across from Green Apple two sesame balls were left. I bought one and it felt decadent--glutenous, just chewy enough, and the size of a baseball--decadent too because it is something I rarely eat. On the bus to Elana's I read Northanger Abbey and felt sated. 


nora said...


the word verification today is: violate

the combination of my comment and the the verification is funny to me

Chloe said...

this makes me laugh. see you in five hours or something??!