It was trivia night at the bar, but we got there an hour late, so we nabbed a corner booth and tried to catch up. The questions were tough and I got most of them wrong, except for, Who wrote The Satanic Verses? (Rushdie) and, almost, the ones about the Giants. The bar itself had dark wood and many filled tables and a string of old Niners jerseys along one wall; the gender ratio leaned heavily toward men but still the place felt inexplicably cozy. The simplicity of having a source of action at which to direct my attention both excused and enabled conversation; I liked feeling equally free to talk or quietly observe. Later in the night we were told that Padma Lakshmi would be attending trivia night next week. We all have crushes on Padma and this, above all else, provided an incentive to return. 


nora said...

shes not really going though

Chloe said...

i believed it until the mc* said no.