My brother's graduation was yesterday. He went to a "progressive" high school in the Haight, so there were no caps or gowns, and the ceremony took place in Stern Grove. It was lovely. Afterward, we ate lunch at a Brazilian restaurant where the waiters bring fourteen different kinds of meat around to your table on skewers. No good for vegetarians, but I think Kira would have liked it. The restaurant was selected, of course, by Jordan, who is a herpetologist and was also the president of his high school's meat club. He got a shout-out from one of the graduation speakers for being paradoxical. In a week he is flying again to Kenya to work with poisonous snakes. 

Jordan, two summers ago:

Here, things are not quite as exciting. But I'm liking nights on 23rd and being with friends and even, a little bit, my job as a receptionist, which requires me to answer calls and arrange food for lunch meetings. Working downtown is more enjoyable now that I can take the J train straight there. In the building's lobby there is a shop that sells candy for ten cents, and Adam works nearby. On the way there, in the mornings, I sip coffee from the donut shop on 24th street. It is hazelnut-flavored and it only costs $1.15. 


Kira said...

churrassco! so good. did it in brazil. almost died.

chloe b. said...

ahh i KNOW. i haven't eaten meat since. so intense.