how i long for a wand and a crop top

Yesterday Nora and I watched Practical Magic, a 1998 movie about a family of female witches. There are many things about the film which require the suspension of disbelief (the villian's Transylvanian accent; Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as sisters), but it is still enjoyable to watch for several reasons. 

1. The scenery is enviable. So are the 90s outfits. Against the impossibly picturesque background of Washington's Whidbey Island Sandra and Nicole whip up homeopathic remedies or curse ex-boyfriends in belly tops and ankle-length skirts. I wanted to imaginatively superimpose myself into both elements. 

2. Also, the house! Turreted, overrun with vegetation, thin-boned as a skeleton--and with a chameleonic ability to turn from pastoral-looking to possessed, depending on the time of day. 

3. As with most movies about sisters, there are plenty of opportunities to play the game of guessing at which one you would be. "We stayed up all night," says Nicole in one scene, "worshipping each other." She is referring to the demon ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Sandra lies in shorts and wool socks on a four-poster bed, pining after her vegetable-grower husband.

"I'd be Nicole," declared Nora. "You're the one in the cozy socks."


recipe for a sick day

1. Reheat Udon until it is as hot as it can get without burning your tongue. 

2. Transfer to a big bowl. 

3. Put on bed along with a project that is not easily finished. Forbid yourself from going online to   Google the symptoms of Swine Flu. 

4. Begin! *

* If these suggestions don't work, call Mom. 


dream yard

On the way to dinner last night I did a double take while passing this overgrown hill. Three quarters of the way down a residential street on Fulton, it is sandwiched between two homes like a sort of jungly intermission. It's just the kind of place I would have loved to live next to as a kid--seems to contain an infinite amount of imaginative possibilities, feels a bit like the vegetational equivalent of a woolly mammoth, houses a wide variety of junk to be scavenged, etc. Below is a clip, along with my rambling narration: