My stepmom, Ellen, is cleaning out the old Kids' Computer Nook at my Dad's house. Once the relatively tidy location of a titanic Dell computer and select CD-ROM games, the nook has since swallowed up an assortment of childhood debris: slinkies, bead kits, yoyos, a faded rainbow of bouncy balls, tenacious Happy Meal toys. Every few days, Ellen reports back from the trenches. Yesterday she found Creative Writer, my favorite computer game from the age of seven to maybe twelve, with which I created newsletters and stationary and generously-asterisked business cards (Chloe *~* Novelist *~* Age 11 *~* ). 

Last night, I took the 5 Fulton down to my internship for a Reader Roundtable. This is the last step in what seems to be a pretty democratic submission-review process: every month, all of the readers set aside stories they like, and before each issue comes out a Roundtable is held to decide which ones should be sent up to the editors. We drank wine and ate food from the restaurant downstairs and discussed stories, and I was reminded of how happy this kind of thing makes me.

Now that it's April (rabbit!) , I'm starting to get ready to go back to Vassar. It will be hard to leave a lot of things here (the apartment, Nora, SF avocados, my dresser with the weird knobs), but I think spending senior year at Vassar is the right choice, and I'm beginning to feel excited. Am also researching internships in Brooklyn--perhaps something in documentary film? I've realized that I need at least a little bit of city time to feel fueled, and a once-a-week dose of Brooklyn could be a nice thing. 

For now, though, I am still here, and the city is at its loveliest. Although I am big on rain and fog, there's something about 70-degree days in the Mission that puts me in the best mood. Beach with friends this weekend is kinda all I wanna do. 

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