final cut pro is my hamster wheel

My film is almost done! On free days I've been hibernating in the college's editing rooms, which have harsh fluorescent lighting but no windows and tend to get very hot. This doesn't sound like fun, but it is. I turn off the lights and curl up in a comfy chair that spins and try to make a movie, and I feel the way I imagine industrious animals do: caged, but contented.

The movie is about Missed Connections, a phenomenon I just recently became aware of, in which people post messages to those they feel they've had a connective moment with. As with most branches of Craigslist, the validity and effectiveness of Missed Connections is debatable. The odes are strange, and they range from sweet ("We were looking through free stuff on the corner", "You helped me pick an avocado ~ Safeway ~ 8 pm") to unsettling ("Saw u on the fifth floor of the county jail"). Still, most are fascinating, in part for the questions they raise. If the site's success rate is as low as it seems, what does it mean to reach out to someone who probably is not there? Has the internet made it easier or more difficult to meet people?

In the documentary I'm profiling three people trying to find their missed connections. There is a 41-year-old cardiologist and a student majoring in Anthropology, as well as a woman who works in social justice. They've all been wonderfully helpful and engaging and smart, and one person's post does reach its intended recipient. Everyone also had very thoughtful things to say about the extent to which Missed Connections as a concept is related to (or was born out of) modern culture. And the filming experience has been filled with other fun things: searching for murals in the Mission, composing a score made up of whistles, trying to find the best way to tell the man who offered to sneak out of rehab for an interview that an escape just wasn't necessary. Anyhow, I will try to post a link to it when it's all finished. The first and very rough project I did is here. Youtube-suggested related videos include, for no apparent reason, "My Hampster Mocha Eating Broccoli", "A Younger Barack Obama on the War on Drugs and Marijuana", "Miss Aloha Hula 2008" and "Amy Winehouse Photos". Anyhow, spending the day with dogs made me long for a french bulldog like him:


it's me again.. (black raven) said...

yo did you write that chloe on the pavement, i always pass it on the way back. hm? i must know

chloe b. said...

no i just saw it and was lyke >mine< question?