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March has come on the way most head colds do: expected, but still faintly surprising (and requiring more indoor time than initially predicted). Connotatively, in my mind march = spring, but this month has only brought stormy weather. Although it is a pain to carry a soggy umbrella on the 24 Divisadero, the weather still makes me feel delighted. The city looks just-bathed, and there are now many puddles of ideal splashing proportions (several inches deep, 4-by-6 foot diameter). My bed is pushed up against a window, and outside the window there is a pipe that makes the rain sound strangely metallic. As far as sleep-inducing white noise goes, it is pretty tough to beat. 

After a few months of unemployment, I finally got a job as an Audio-Visual Technician (cue laughter?) This requires me to go around to different classrooms and stand in the back of the room while videotaping things like speech classes and presentations. I am completely ignored. Sometimes the teacher says hello, but sometimes not. I've never felt like more of a fly on the wall. This is the ideal job for me! 

On my bus ride home from work the other day, I was surrounded by highschoolers--one girl and three boys. (Girl: "Everyone thinks I'm a good girl because I'm nice to people's parents. But like, I do E!") This got me thinking. Everyone thinks I'm a good girl, too, but probably because: 

a) I have light hair
b) I often wear cardigans that have buttons, or
c) I did ballet.

This is okay; there are worse things to be. Yesterday, on the J Church, a large man wearing orange-tinted sunglasses and a tiny workout top came on with a boom box. (If you live in the city, you've probably seen him--he rides the 33, the 24, the 71 and the J while singing popular hip-hop songs with the tone and inflection of a foghorn.) First he sang Flo Rida to a girl in a long leather coat, but when she moved he sat next to me and started in on "Too Late to Apologise." After finishing, he asked if he could give me a name. I said that would be okay. He said, "BABY SUE!" The funny part is that his choice is kind of fitting. 

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