I'm workin' on a new movie. This one will be the final film for my documentary class. It took ages for me to pick a topic, mostly because I am overly ambitious. I was eager to work with 1) Delancey Street, 2. the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, or 3. the Brown twins. As it turned out, they did not feel the same way. Instead, I am doing a project that focuses on failed connections and unusual methods of communication. Tomorrow I begin to shoot (!). I only hope that I sound more professional during interviews than I will probably feel.  

Saw six landscapers hanging in harnesses from the UCSF medical center on Sutter and Divisadero today. Those who, like me, would choose to fly if granted a superpower might find this to be the perfect vocation.

Next Wednesday I start training to become a yoga teacher. This economy is not conducive to very many things, but it is the perfect time to take advantage of one's contortionist skills and generous spring break. If necessity is the mother of invention, it will be interesting to see what kinds of ideas and coping mechanisms the recession (depression?) yields. I am imagining crooked brainchildren and harebrained schemes, things before seen only in elaborate con movies and the novels of Mary Shelley.

Finally, in unimportant news, I cut my hair.