Nora works in a lingerie shop. To pass the time when things are slow, she orders free samples off a slightly sketchy website. A new item comes in the mail every few days, hermetically sealed and addressed to doppelganger Nora Bah. So far, a bag of Quaker Oats Chocolate Rice Cakes and a miniature floral perfume have arrived; she is still waiting on Simply Asia's Lemongrass Soup. (How exactly a soup sample can be packaged has us in great suspense.) Every day feels like Christmas! Maybe I will follow suit. 

Right now, I am the messiest I've ever been. It's getting bad; even my little brother has noticed. (Ty, upon entering my room: "Saints preserve us!") Still, I've cleaned the top of my desk. The unblemished cream color of its underbelly is a powerful motivator for other forms of cleanliness. I am now thinking of vacuuming the rugs, cleaning the stovetop, deweeding the garden. This industrious mood lasts only so long as I am looking at the desktop.

Hmm, other things. Ali sent me a postcard from the Vassar Observatory. It makes me think of alienz. 

I've also made headway in my search for SF's best granola. In ring one: Udi's Natural Artisan Granola (this is the cranberry kind; superior 'original' flavor not shown, as Shufat Market was out of it). In ring two: Nature's Path Organic Pomegranate Plus Granola (with Cherries).  Final decision pending. 


heehee said...

hello itz me @ work, why no one comment on this blog?

Anonymous said...

oh woops thats me nora

chloe b. said...

i dun no maybe itz mai worst one yet? :*p