5:30 PM: Had the anticipatory feeling that comes with hunger. I took inventory of present cravings (carbohydrates, a novel salad dressing) and came up with a game plan. Trader Joe's was busy, but not oppressively so. At the sample station I ate one sixteenth of grilled cheese sandwich from a small paper cup. (Gouda cheese on potato bread--recommended!) Then found cilantro salad dressing and four firm avocados in the produce aisle. On the way to the cash register I picked up sauce and pizza dough with herbs. The dough comes as a blob in a plastic bag. During moments of leisure, such as the 24 bus ride home, it is extremely enjoyable to squish it--sort of like the grown-up equivalent of a water toy.

Water Wiggle


Pizza dough

7:30 PM: Pleased. 

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