i hope to attain rubber band-like imaginative elasticity

When I was little, I made up a game. The game was called "Somewhere in the world...", and its objective was to finish the sentence with the oddest or sweetest or most terrible thing I could imagine. The logic went that no matter how bizarre the activity, somewhere in the world, someone had to be doing it. Somewhere in the world, a curious person is doing a Google search about why flamingoes only stand on one leg. Somewhere in the world, an elderly man has just found and brought home what he thinks is his lost cat--except it is not his, only an impostor. Somewhere in the world, a mother is cooking the world's most awful chicken soup (literally, the world's most awful), but her sick son will eat it, because he does not want to hurt her feelings. 

On buses and while walking and at bedtime, when one cannot sleep, this game provides hours of entertainment. 

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Evander said...

Number of people who looked up why flamingos only stand on one foot after reading this post:

...at least 1.