work daze

The beginning of my internship has coincided with a miniature heat wave--70 degrees in (a San Francisco) January! In a nineteenth century novel or a Shakespeare play, this would have some sort of metaphorical significance, but here it only means that my daily walks to the North Beach post office are a bit more laborious. Made six sticky trips to various mailboxes in the area while shipping a few hundred international subscriptions yesterday. (Man in hard hat walking past me: "Girl, you need a truck!") 

Still, I'm loving it. Working for a literary magazine is just what I'd hoped to be doing this year, and right now, being able to pour myself into this work is a good distraction. I'm fascinated by all parts of the process, from the littler tasks (addressing the new issue to fans in Azerbaijan) to the big ones (reading through some of the 1,000 submissions the journal receives monthly.) The editors have been wonderful to me; so far, it seems to be a good fit. 

On the third floor, I have an office of sorts, an octagonal room with two desks and a spinning chair and many crates full of submitted stories. Usually I'm spread out on the floor, digging through a box or two of manila envelopes. The internship is unpaid, but there are lots of perks: focaccia and brownies in reception, a room of free books, and the occasional celeb sighting, as the magazine is connected to a film company. 

The first few weeks of this year have been very surreal. I've fallen behind on many domestic duties, such as general straightening-up and grocery shopping. In fridge: 

1) condiments
2) Nora's Tecates
3) one half burrito 

At least its exterior looks presentable...


Evander said...

Which celebrities? Are you keeping Perez updated?

chloe b. said...

Mostly directorz. But I still get a little star struck.