pounding the pavement

I'm going through some tough stuff right now, so I decided to take a long walk to clear my head. A very long walk. A sixty block long walk, to be exact. I started at Haight and Divisadero. 

Then I continued down Divis toward California. 

There I saw houses like an ice cream trio: blueberry, lemon, orange sherbet. 

As I turned onto Geary, a plane flew by overhead. Its trail divided the sky in two. 

When I reached Masonic, I took a detour. Trader Joe's is my favorite place to spend money. They may have rejected my (job-hungry) advances, but I am still a loyal customer. 

Clement street always feels like home...

... even if I do not always understand its storefronts. 

When I was little, ASIA-STAR FANTASY INC. (their caps, not mine) was a source of endless intrigue. The store contained a bounty of brightly-packaged Chinese items. Due to the language barrier, I had no idea what they were, which only increased my fascination. 

Many of the shops in this area seem to specialize in inexpensive but relatively useless items. Need a miniature plastic watering can or a large fake shrub? They've got you covered. 

The glass walls of the second-floor House of Banquet restaurant create an interesting fishbowl effect.

One reason Clement street rox: 99-cent avocados! Bell Market could learn a thing or two from Lien Hing Supermarket Number Three.

Here is Green Apple, my favorite San Francisco bookstore. This is the music and movie portion of the store; I tried to get a shot of the book part but was intercepted by a homeless man, who began to accompany me down the street while muttering compliments under his breath. While flattered, I thought it best to move on. 

My brother's favorite stop along Clement, which features a large variety of inexpensive amphibians and the repellant smell of fish food. Only die-hards can stick it out inside for more than a few minutes.

I've always found the greenery that runs along Park Presidio a little eerie. It looks to be a place where dangerous, medieval-sounding things might happen, such as ransacking and pillaging.

By the time I reached 20th avenue, the sky had become dark and my camera was being ornery. Even the flash wasn't working, so I put it back in my bag and walked home in the quiet. 

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