new things

A new year! Cray-zee. I don't really make New Year's Resolutions--feels somehow like setting yourself up to be let down. Instead, here are some things that are new. That sounds much less intimidating. 

Above the dish rack:

On Elana's stove:

In Nora's room: Helen, back from school!

In front of (slash inside) the coffee maker: a mug and grounds from my favorite coffee shop in Brooklyn, by way of Beth. 

Wedged awkwardly in trash cans: last year's (!) Christmas trees. I think the days after Christmas are the most depressing ones in the whole year. Ghazy says I'm overreacting.

Not new, but newly discovered: that the 43 Masonic dips into the forest of the Presidio on the way to Haight. Neat! Also...

...noticed the view from 20th and Church. Glittery. 

Finally, in tummy: one homemade pizza.

To Tahoe this weekend with G. Let's go: SNOW!


DaPantz said...

I love love love that thing above the dish rack!

nora said...

so blazed

Tconrad said...

Yo whats that on elana's neck?