Now that it is WINTER BREAK (hallelujah, mazel tov, etc.), I have started to make a mental list of productive things to accomplish so that my time off isn't just spent watching Jon and Kate and eating gingerbread cookies. So far, I have 1) a stack of book recommendations, 2) seeing friends who will be returning to SF from all parts of the world, and 3) spending time with my little brothers, perhaps during tailor-made field trips: the Academy of Sciences for Jordan, a Sinatra movie viewing for Ty. Also competing for a spot on this list are Things I Wish I Enjoyed But Just Don't, which include tidying up the apartment and getting through Dickens novels.

All I wanna do, though, is read. I am hun-gry for raw sentences, dialogue that reads like sound. Chomp. Got time? This is wonderful. You have to get the full issue to finish it, but I promise it's worth it. (And if you are broke like me, reading it curled up in the back aisle of a bookstore is both satisfying and financially prudent.)

Today I had an internship interview in North Beach, which is the San Francisco neighborhood I am least familiar with. I got there an hour early, so I explored the area to pass the time (and calm my nerves). North Beach opens up out of Chinatown without warning, and suddenly the streets are all paint and wide boulevards and art deco shapes. And more Italian restaurants than you can count. And strip clubs. It is an odd mixture of elements, but I was really into it.

Potential place of employment:

 Got Mayan food for dinner with Dad at Mi Lindo Yucatan. When I came back to the apartment, it was freezing. On cold nights in December, there is nothing more enjoyable than 

1) planting your body right in front of a heater,

2) slowly rotating, and

3) getting warm.

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