all i want for christmas is


The good news: I got the internship! The bad news: I'm outta a (paying) job. The store where I worked just closed. Two steps forward in the direction of North Beach, many paychecks back. Need an assistant? A fast typist? A hand-knit scarf, for a reasonable price? I'm your girl.

Busing through the city, I've seen a lot of decorated houses, but nothing quite compares to the one I came across last year in Poughkeepsie. It seems as though it would be difficult to make it to the doorway.

Made dinner with Mart and Elana on Tuesday. Yum! We battled our way to Safeway in the cold to buy ingredients. The thermometer in my house says it is 40 degrees out, but I think it's lying. First we had salad. Martina brought peppermint bark for dessert. In-between pasta course not pictured:

Shaun had a Christmas party last night. Lotsa people, lotsa strobe lights. The combination of sugar cookies and a keg felt somehow appropriate.

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