Here are some things I wish I was good at:

- Sudoku

- Running

- Not getting ahead of myself

- Editing my own work

(The first two are hopeless and the third is the most difficult, so I am going to start by tackling the last one.)

This winter weather makes me want to write lists. Also to:

- Knit scarves

- Read stories

- Walk, bundled up in sweaters and mittens and tall socks and two layers of jackets and a hat, as far as I can.

It also makes me think of my winters at Vassar. I remember feeling surprised when I realized that the snow lasted for over four months. And running from my dorm to the dining hall to the library in leggings and a sweater because I didn't like to lug a puffy winter coat around with me after I got indoors. Once Ali carried me across a melted snow puddle because I'd refused to wear boots and had already soaked my sneakers straight through. 

And then, of course, comes the domino effect: memories triggered by memories triggered by memories. I've been thinking a lot about Vassar this week. These photos are from the Alice in Wonderland shoot. We were so cold--it must have been about twenty degrees out. In the first picture, on the right: here comes Brian with a blanket. The wine jug is as big as I am!

This one reads like an I Spy of my freshman year. Town House crackers. Ty's belt. Sophie's printer. Ballet posters. Embarrassing use of Photo Booth to kill time...

Today, on the bus, I saw this. A good thing to remember:

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