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I am being very bad right now: doing everything but reading "The Plague" (looking through The Believer online, thinking about things I'd like to make, writing a blog) when I really should be reading "The Plague", as I have to write an essay on it tomorrow. But. Anyway. 

This November has been alarmingly lucky so far. It's been so lucky that I am worrying about some kind of reverse effect, an allergic reaction, an unlucky byproduct of all this charm and serendipity and goodness. I don't really know how to describe the way that I feel about the Obama win without veering into cliches (euphoric, relieved, hopeful), so I can only say that I am all of those things. I was a nervous wreck all Tuesday, and at night I listened to the returns with my 6-to-9 P.M. poetry class from the top of Lone Mountain. There was no T.V., so instead, we streamed NPR from a laptop and refreshed CNN like crazy. I made my Dad send me constant updates with the electoral count and called them out between Ginsberg and Whitman and Langston Hughes's "I, Too, Sing America", which took on a new poignancy and squeezed something in my chest. 

It felt secret, somehow, nestled up there on the mountaintop, surrounded by trees and the blue-black of the sky. When McCain conceded, we could hear shouts from the street below. There is something different in the air now--I know that sounds silly, but I really can feel it. On my way home, everybody on the bus began to talk together. I mean that every single person joined in. I'd never seen anything like it. Patriotism has always felt like a dirty word, and it is fresh and wonderful to think that it doesn't feel so bad to be an American now. It feels kind of good. 

Another lucky bit of November: my birthday! I guess that is not lucky so much as it is unavoidable, but it made me feel lucky. It was as though I had everything I could ever need. I made everyone play Scrabble. I lost. This was okay. 

To go backwards in time, Halloween was last weekend. Nora and I were Dead. Since we both own mostly black clothing, it was a very economical choice. 

Nora was down with this:

The most recent lucky thing that has happened is that a great little San Francisco boutique has placed an order for the strange stationary I make. I was really surprised--I started doing it only because I can't sit still while watching TV and wanted something to do during "Jon and Kate Plus 8" episodes with Nora. Now I am kind of obsessed. The cards will be at Japonica on 19th and California. They have all sorts of good things, and they're currently expanding--after Thanksgiving the store will have an attached coffee shop.

Another good thing about November (see? they just keep on coming) is that it is finally beginning to rain. I love the way the city looks after a bath: so fresh and so clean. I went on a walk to appreciate it. 

Oh, how I would like to live in this house.

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