oh monday

Today is a NO-SCHOOL-UNTIL-SIX-P.M. day! My first class was cancelled. It was the best surprise--the West Coast equivalent of a Snow Day. Having an unexpectedly free afternoon makes me feel like: 

On Saturday, the Red Bull Soapbox race came to Dolores Park. An estimated 60,000 people showed up--!! I feared for the next day's clean-up crew, but the park looked surprisingly clean when I passed it yesterday on the J. More grass than beer bottles visible--a good sign.

The soapbox contenders included a Rubik's cube, a pink donut, and a baseball that promptly tipped over when it hit the runway. Uh oh. This made me think about what kind of a soapbox car I would make if I was mechanically-minded. Ideas include:

- A hammerhead shark (the head is the wheel).
- An SF Victorian--a double decker? Is that possible? 
- A marshmallow car: crash insulation, eat while you go. 

Too bad I am not very good at both construction and driving. 

That night Nora and I made risotto from scratch. Secret ingredients: olive tapenade and orange zest. I accidentally overturned an extra large box of raw oatmeal just as we were about to sit down and eat. Picture snowy mounds of oats on the floor, the chairs, the table. Nora said the kitchen looked like a barn. The whole thing was very surreal. 


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