Nora and I enjoy going out to a romantic meal from time to time. Our philosophies differ when it comes to restaurant selection: Nora prefers to Google, Yelp, Menupage and map potential spots while I am more into the let's-take-a-walk-and-see-what-we-find approach. When it is time to choose, though, we are almost always in agreement. Ideal locations usually have at least three of the following elements: good lighting, ethnic food, assorted object mishmash decor, an address that is within walking distance. Esperpento had all four, and we were really feeling it. 

The restaurant itself is a tapas bar on Valencia and 22nd. It is the kind of place that looks unassuming from the outside but seems to unfold when you step through the door. Who knew it had two levels? Or walls studded with beautifully odd things (old clocks, painted plates, Japanese fans)? Or a bar with the best Sangria in town? Well, we knew all of this, but only because we'd Yelped beforehand. Still, it is always nice to find something that lives up to expectations. 

We walked down 24th street to get there: Sanchez, Church, Guerrero, all the little alleyways in between. My poetry class last night focused on San Francisco. It made me fall in love all over again. We read an incredible article about the way that the gentrification of Victorian neighborhoods (areas of Pac Heights, the Castro) was brought about by the migration of gay men in the 60s and 70s. There is so much to learn about the history of this place. 

Met up with Nick and Will on 18th and hopped the 22 to Geary and Divis. Will's friend's band was playing. It was something like funk. Mm-good. I made Nora dance. 

By the time we got back, the city was all fog and night shapes. I took off my boots and climbed into bed, listening to the sound of the J train pass by. The hum of the MUNI: that is my favorite after-midnight noise. If I were to translate it, it would be saying, "Hey, you. I am still running, even when you're not." This is a comforting thought. 

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