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Why don't the muni trains run in the Richmond? I am really feeling the J Church right now, and I think SF should follow New York's lead: all-day every-day subway, or at least above-ground trains that reach from the beach to the Embarcadero. They're faster and roomier, and they don't break down every two seconds like the buses do. (Yesterday, while heading up Fulton on the 5, the bus veered off track in the middle of the Divisadero intersection and had to wheel slowly to safety on the other side of the street. Then, all five thousand of us passengers waited crankily for the next one, which was already full and drove right past us. This is not a good system!)

Anyhow: another cool thing about the J. According to Wikipedia (the best source for everything), a private right-of-way was created especially for it so that the train didn't have to go up and down Church street's steep hills. This right-of-way always scares me a little bit, probably because I remember once being trapped while walking in it when a J went by. I had to press myself into the plants that line the tracks to avoid being run over. Not comfy.

Nora and I do a lot of waiting for the J. The other day, we discovered an alien train at the bus stop. 92 Esplanade?? Where do you come from?

We also found a colorful house on Church. It makes me think of children's books. Or the Teletubbies.

I dressed like Christmas last weekend. This may have been subconsciously intentional.

Nick, however, chose an all-gray palette, perhaps so as to complement his crutches.

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nora said...

the tellytubby comparison is so on point