a jumble

Nora and I found the WEIRDEST bug in the laundry room yesterday. It is such a martian. I think it is a stick bug. Nora emailed her Dad about it, because he is good with that sort of thing. He wrote back: "Nora, I believe this is a praying mantis, a very important and good bug to have around. Please do not kill it. P.S. If you kill it, there will be a fine."

Imitation is the highest form of flattery:

Okay. Moving on. Things have been really good lately. I just generally feel so happy here in SF. Riding the J train after midnight--walking up hills with bright-light city views--coming across men in high heels and polka-dotted leotards, dancing to La Cucaracha on Castro (this is a true story; it happened yesterday)--these things just don't happen in Poughkeepsie. Saturday was Nick's birthday. The party was out in Ingleside, and you could see the whole city from up there--just tiers and tiers of lit hills and the spread-out blue bay. We missed the last train back, so we hopped a cab with a driver who told us that the cure for a broken bone was to rub it with a leaf so that it heals like magic. Hmm. Must test this theory.

This is Ingleside. Imagine it is nighttime.

On Friday, grabbed a sushi boat dinner with Nora and Helen at a little spot on 16th we recently discovered. Later we ran around the Mission and I put a temporary tattoo of a leaf in a creative place. (That was not intended to sound as dirty as it somehow did.) Since I'm going backwards in time right now--last weekend went with many Nicks and Zach to the Hubba party, for which Zach did a supersick mural. (Would mural be the right word? You decide. Here it is:)

On an unrelated note: I went to Walgreens today, and guess what they had up already? Halloween candy. And decorations! They even had those creepy-looking rubber masks that cover your whole head. Is it even possible to breathe under there? Their identities also all seem to be open to interpretation. For instance:

Anyway, I have mixed feelings about this. I'm such a holiday person, it is not even funny. My friends tease me because I get really excited about Christmas in July. However, who is going to be buying a witch nose in the beginning of September?

Hmm. This has been a very disjointed entry, kind of a medley. If it were food, I think it would look like this:

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