hot hot heat

I'm listening to the Ella Fitzgerald song "Come Rain or Come Shine", and right now I would really be feeling some rain, some of that stormy weather. It is eighty degrees out today, and last week it hit ninety. I like parts of this Indian summer (picnics with Bi-Rite sandwiches on the grass; the fact that the carrots have SPROUTED!), but I am most comfortable in the sixty-to-seventy range. Still, it was good weather for Labor Day. Dolores Park was packed.

Yesterday was a wonderful day because I received a package in the mail! It was an Indian bedspread from my grandmother. She is amazing. I will cover my big big bed with it.

I have been slacking on the blogging lately because I've just started school. No more lazy days in the grass for me; now I'm always racing to catch the 24, walking up the one hundred-plus steps to campus, which is conveniently located on a mountain, and trying to get adjusted to new classes, new teachers, new rooms and halls and bus routes. So far my favorite class is Poetry. I've felt so-so about poetry in the past--I like little weirdo poems and quirkiness and irreverence, but I get frustrated when it feels lofty and inaccessible. I love the basis on this class, though, which looks at poetry though the lens of home and location and as a result focuses largely on SFSFSF. Later in the semester we're taking a field trip to the Neptune Society Columbarium (whaaat how dope), which houses ashes and memorial shadow box-like displays in vaults.

Here are some neighborhood things I like:

Yum yum.

Would you call this a carriage? I REALLY want to ride in it.

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