ready, set, go

I am having a real tough time believing it is August already.

This weekend is THE BIG MOVE! What? How did that come up so fast? I usually have these perfectionist tendencies that make it tough for me to be completely satisfied with anything, but I have this feeling of calm about this place and about the year in general. I'm just in awe of the way things are coming together. I'm getting ready for a new job and a new internship and a new school and a new home, and this newness is wonderful and motivating and a little bit terrifying, too. Am I ready to deal with my own finances? Not lose a new set of keys? Make my own dinner at night? Nora will help with that part. I am good at making coffee and cookies and not much else.

I am thinking of potted plants for the windowsill, words I want to put up on my wall, gardening boots, three-pot coffee makers. Laundry detergent and sponges and swiffer dusters and soft bath mats. How to change my cable? Cook complicated pasta dishes? Where is the nearest sushi spot? Who will be my neighbor? I am really down with the twenty-four bus line, the closest one to the apartment, so that is one thing I don't have to worry about.

For the time being, though, things are much less exciting. I am sitting at my desk, drinking coffee with soy milk, planning my escape from the office for a lunchtime yoga class. That's kind of exciting. Maybe a two on a 1-to-5 action scale, with one being Jason Robards in Magnolia and five being Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 2.



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