what are you talking about?

Nora and I made dinner last night.

We went to an Asian market on Clement street to purchase ingredients. We filled our basket: curry noodles, teriyaki seaweed, shittake mushrooms, green onion. I suggested protein. We entered the fish market: cocktail shrimp in tupperware, catfish, live creatures just chilling? We exited the fish market, empty-handed.

Back at Nora's, I chopped while she unwrapped the pasta. I found a miniature caterpillar on my hand. EW! Nora said that's normal. "He probably came in with our fresh vegetables." I said, Yucky. She put it outside the window.

After I finished my dicing duties I entertained myself by taking pictures of Nora's home.

Then I read her a little bit of a Miranda July story, the one about the sewing class. By that time, the water had come to a boil.

I'll let you imagine what the pink-swirled white discs are. Be creative! The reality is probably less appealing.


I had a discount candy medley for dessert. It included white chocolate gummy bears, Haribo graprefruits, nonpareils (why are they called that?? I've never understood), chocolate-covered raisons MY FAVORITE and one malt ball.


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alebon said...

hi Chloe....I'm Alessandro from Italy I have find your blog....and I send to you ..my compliment for your SPAGHETTI!!! mmmmmmm very goooooood!!!