our own creatures

My brother and I went for a walk. We found some neat things on the pavement.

Such as, a skull.

And a veggie tales sticker.

Can you imagine all of the things we might see if we just looked down?

What's new, what's new. I finished a story. It is a long one so I'm feeling a little emptied out. It's the best kind of emptied out, but I need some break time, so this will be a picture post.

So: things that have happened.

Mistah Fab came to the Mission.

Angus made us all dress up. Then he fed us lobster.

I'm getting hooked on spin classes.*

The feeling of empowerment and deafening James Brown music I like. The overaggressive instructor who screamed "GET IN FRONT! BEAT YOUR NEIGHBOR! BEAT YOUR NEIGHBOR!" despite the fact that we were in an enclosed space on stationary bikes? Not so much, but hey. You can't have everything.

* Note: the bike above is the LeMond RevMaster Indoor Cycle. Just so I don't get sued.

Oh, and. Nora and I found an apartment. It's kind of the best place ever. And it has a clawfoot tub. Big smile.

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