charm school

I am back! It feels good. I have a limit for the amount of time that I can spend comfortably away from San Francisco, and it is something like eleven days. After that I just start to get really emotional whenever it gets foggy out, or I see a 415 in an address or telephone number.

A few things happened while I was away.

I began to dream of a mint green apartment.

I developed an interest in clotheslines.

I was impressed by sick graffiti.

...and colorful food.

I had to buy a notebook.

I wanted to adopt.

I bought a shirt for my brother.

On the plane ride home, I watched the movie "Manhattan" and ate Swiss chocolate. The dinner British Airways tried to feed us was fish pie. Who at British Airways thought this would be a good idea?

Now it is July 4th. Phew. I made it back to the US just in time.

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