We tried to understand. Of sand?

I'm back in the 415. Hello, you.

Yesterday was a typical San Francisco day: ineffably lovely, climatically bipolar and filled with the sort of random discoveries that always win me over (lavender-flavored yogurt at the corner store; a crumpled bus receipt when I had no cash; an unopened jar of cinnamon, hiding behind the coffee maker.) Though by evening the sky was entirely foggy and dense with mist, at eleven-thirty it was clear and sunny. Nora and I brought each other presents (an avocado for her, an iced latte for me) and walked down to the beach, setting up camp beside a Hello Kitty kite. It felt so good to lie there in the warmth. When it got windy, we went back to her house. Bitty made rice-infused green tea and snap peas--mine!

Nora has a large chair I like to sit in.

Today I got up at eight-thirty in the morning, downed two cups of coffee, and went to meet Ghazy for a 10 am yoga class. Being up that early felt slightly unnatural and somehow a little bit exhilarating (maybe that part was the yoga.) I always forget that most of the world wakes up before noon on non-school or work days.

Want to do this with me? I call being the top.

In the afternoon Elana and I went to see Martina's show. It was so nice to be back with them. Excited for Chesnut time this weekend. I still can't get over how crazy it feels to think that I'll be here for so long--that I'm not going back to Vassar after a week-long break. The best part of my travel day was the sprinkle-topped you're-almost-there ice cream I bought from the Coldstone Creamery in the Phoenix airport. It was birthday cake remix, a size small, and seven dollars. Excuse me? How do they charge seven dollars for an ice cream? Was it the extra cookie dough? That goes on the "things I can't figure out" list, along with the obsession every 30+ woman in the Phoenix airport seemed to have with Shania Twain, whose "That Don't Impress Me Much" was playing on repeat in Terminal 2.

I'm sitting next to the most delicious honeydew candle. Being able to light candles in my room is a nice thing about home. This is the Virgin of Guadalupe devotional votive, Nora's favorite kind of candle. We buy them for her in the Mission.

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