show me how it's done.

Ooh, headache. I'm gonna try a little OJ/coffee/advil mix and see what works.

Rewind, playback: the last few days have been so nice. I'm really into this summer thing so far. On Friday night Ghazy and I went to check out a party for a gallery opening in the Haight. We looked at paintings of cavemen, saw some kids we knew and danced to sick hip-hop by an mc named AO. Someone proposed to me? Sloshing vodka and coke and a sloppy kiss on the cheek--very romantic, exactly as I always hoped it would happen. Later I found four dollars on the ground at Haight and Steiner. What a score. I felt a bad taking it--as though I should have strewn the dollars around on trash cans and tree branches or hooked beneath window wipers for other people to find--so I gave it to the cab driver on the way home.

Saturday G and I kicked it at Nick's with bay friends. They played us beats, Adam taught me a lighter game and we missed the last 1 California bus at 3--oops. Five hours of sleep and one slice of momma's homemade wheat bread later, Nora and I hopped the 33 to Carnaval in the Mission. We missed the parade (who's up at 9 am on a Sunday, anyway?), so we grabbed some coffee at Ritual and headed to Dolores Park instead. So gorgeous there--I'm in love with these San Francisco days. We assembled and split our own avocado sandwich with materials from an organic deli, eating it cross-legged on the grass. Later some boys came through--Robin brought his big boy puppy, a Husky that sat on my feet and tried to eat someone's pot cookies. At home I lay on my bed for an hour and then went with baby to get dinner here:

Today I found a stapled paper booklet in the recycling. It had a cartoon drawing of an elderly couple and the word "CHANGING" on the front. I did some sleuthing and found out that it's a discarded informational packet from my brother's fifth-grade Puberty class. I don't know what's better--the fact that the booklet has a drawing of the elderly on its cover or that the class itself is called Puberty. Whatever happened to plain old, less awkward "Health"?

In the afternoon Ghazy had a memorial day barbecue in her garden--what a hostess. The guys brought beer and I brought cookies. Andreana came by for a bit, I've missed seeing that girl. We made strip steak sandwiches with avocado and gruyere on baguette--quality. Later we headed down to AP to play some basketball. I did my best but I'm kind of terrible--think I'll stick to the yoga.

Monta, some day I'll play like you.

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