clouds to drink

Today I made a new discovery: Smart Water. I found it in the college store, sandwiched between a Starbucks Mint Frappuccino and eighty cases of red bull, and was intrigued. What could be smart about water? According to the label on my chicly cylindrical bottle, Smart Water is "vapor distilled so it is in its purest original state. But we don't stop there. We one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes. It's a difference you can taste....unless you have no taste buds." Hmm. I do have taste buds. And even though I don't really get how the water is vapor distilled, I kind of like the idea of a cloud in a bottle. The verdict? It tastes...like water. From an Evian bottle. Or a tap. Smart Water is like the Valentine's Day of water brands: sort of unnecessary and definitely commercialized, but tempting and a little bit sexy nonetheless.

I talked to Ty today. He told me that he's become interested in two new things: golf and immortality. I usually forget that he's 10.

Right now I am packing and listening to Nico. I am amused when she says "I can't help it if you might think I am odd." I miss some things already. Tomorrow I leave. It feels strange to think that this is the last night I'll spend here. Bittersweet. (Corny.) Outside six people are carrying a large floral couch across the quad. Nora time by the ocean on Saturday is a nice thing to think about.

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