Sunday was a Manhattan day with Ali and JTI (I just like writing that.)

Fact: Dunkin' Donuts coffee is incredible. Now I understand why all of my east coast friends are obsessed with it. Tastes even better on the way to a crack-of-dawn (10:33 on Sunday) train to the city after four hours of sleep. We spread out on the back car (caboose?) with music and blueberry muffins and "Our Mutual Friend" for me (I am crawling along at a snail's pace.) (I like parentheses today.) With their gummy windows and cracked polyester seats in primary colors, Metro-North trains don't have the old-school romance of their infinitely cooler forefathers. Still, there's something distancing and quietly peaceful about the trip through the Hudson Valley, especially with Nora's "Very Very Old Mix For Baby, Volume 3" as its soundtrack (Jackson 5 on repeat). There's even an old, dilapidated castle, half-crumbled but still standing, somewhere around the one hour mark.

We went to the Met to look at paintings for an Art History essay. I thought about writing my entire essay in a text message and sending it to myself. This is because I have trouble writing notes in bullet points. Only complete sentences for me. I decided not to; AT&T's service is not trustworthy.

At the Met the have these little metallic clips that you're supposed to wear inside. They look like this.

Mine fell off, of course. I liked it, though, so Ali said I could have hers. However, I felt bad when I saw the container of recycled clips on my way out and left mine to be circulated.

Tomorrow it is back to Metro-North to visit Beth and Peter in Brooklyn. Plans include Kiku sushi (THE VERY BEST) and the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. It's supposed to be rainy, but I don't mind. Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to be.

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